Thursday, February 26, 2009

"And the Winners Are?" a blog by Richard Crenian

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February 26, 2009

“And the Winners Are…”

How about those Canadian banks, eh?
CIBC, Royal Bank and National Bank all made a profit in Q1.
Wow!! All these without the help of the Canadian Government….WOW! WOW!
Hats off! (Stick that in you pipe USA!!)

Can you imagine all that hand out monies that went to the US banks and what did they do with that money?……Pay huge bonuses!!

So what do we do with GM and the 13.5 billion that they received?
IS that good money after bad? Maybe we should have spent that money on education, and educating the workers to get ready for other jobs? Let’s see what happens.

So Canada is good, and the USA? They are spending all their hopes on Government Bailouts and Government programs.

So what are we teaching our kids? Work, spend and if you blow it the Government will help you out? Is this right………..? Based on this our kids futures would all be blown by Government. I am sure glad I live in Canada. Thanks for setting that up, God!

And your Pensions, not good if you are an Auto Worker, or if you noticed the Caisse lost 25 per cent of their portfolio, and OMERS lost 8 Billion…….nice……….that’s your pension.

So take care of yourself, invest wisely, buy cash flow products and don’t be greedy, if it is too good to be true it is.

Call Howard and ask him what he does. He is having too much fun in Arizona. Phone is 403 630 4544.

Richard Crenian

PS A buddy of mine was talking to an arrogant US Citibank worker, and reminded the Citibank employee that his boss was OBAMA!! LOL!!!!

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