Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Amazing, Yet True!"

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February 18, 2009

Amazing Yet True!!

When it’s too good to be true it usually is. We had Madoff and his 50 BILLION dollar ponzi scam, now an Allen Stafford…….he looks like a lousy crook with only 8 Billion dollar ripoff compared to Madoff’s 50 Billion!

Amazing yet true!

You know folks, when the deals look too good to be true they usually are. When someone is offering you guaranteed rates higher than normal, usually that is baloney……so buyer beware!

There have been more guys out there mostly under $1 Billion. It fact there are three people involved in a scam, with investors money losing everything and the guy is in Costa Rica now. Monies were raised in Alberta and BC, by a Wayne Boyd, for the so called Christian based fund that guaranteed seven per cent per month. It was called the Legacy Fund, run by Hal Mcleod and Dianne Sharon Rosiek. (The BCSC has caught up with their scam but cannot do anything.) They were offering to pay you 5-7% interest per month!!)

Here were some of his other scams…..

Where are they now? Where are the monies they raised? Who knows? One can only guess.

They worked and sold on the greed factor. Anyone who professes to be a Christian and then says “Trust me, I am a Man of God,” or “I work with religious Youths!” should ring alarm bells if they are asking for money. They are worse when they purport to be “Men or the Cloth!”

Madoff was no exception; he used his Jewish religion to rip off his friends including important Jewish Funds with tales of big returns. Scary!! Many of his friends have lost their life long savings to him because of their own greed.

Once religion enters an investment offering it is usually bound for failure. You let your guard down then boom! You get ripped off.

This is not new. Robert Vesco did this and ripped off over 220 million in 1970!!

Who do you think invented the name Ponzi? Yes, there was a real Mr. Ponzi!

Stay with something safe and secure that provides reasonable cash flow and normal type’s returns.

Greed should not apply here.

Ask my business partner Howard, he knows. He lives the life “da vida loca!!”
By the way he just shot a 75 in golf, and he just turned 65 years old.

Not bad, Howard.

Don’t forget to wish him a Happy Birthday; he’s in Tucson at 403-630-4544.

Richard Crenian

PS Did you hear what they call the Bank UBS now? (Used to Be Safe!) Ughh!

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