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Best Canadian Cities For Commercial Real Estate Investment


Calgary is perhaps the most buoyant and brightest commercial real estate market in the country with retail sales already seeing the second highest growth rate in Canada, and predicted to soon become number one. This is a pole position expected to be held until at least 2015 with many retailers choosing Calgary as the location for their first and second Canadian store openings. In fact this jewel in Alberta’s commercial real estate crown already boasts a vacancy rate of just 2.4% with some areas as low as 1.7 percent!


Commercial real estate investment in Vancouver has rebounded at an amazing rate. British Columbia saw a 58% surge in dollar volume last year alone, with Vancouver making up a good portion of that figure. While aggressive growth is expected to continue during the next 5 years, investment returns are also staying high. At second place for the entire country average commercial investment, returns here averaged an appetizing 13.7%. Each of the 4 major sectors of the commercial property market performed well, but retail remained in the lead for a 2nd year running, with returns at an incredible rate of 15.6%.


While perhaps not in the headlines as often as some of the bigger metropolitan cities, Edmonton is still a thriving location with excellent business opportunities and a great place to live. In comparison to Calgary, you will find commercial real estate prices more affordable, yet still providing healthy returns. The city’s appealing lifestyle will continue to attract more residents and businesses during the coming years, providing excellent growth for investors. What to invest in? As the home to Canada’s 1st mall, the Westmount Centre, and the largest mall in North America, the West Edmonton Mall, you can be sure shopping is big business here: and retail outlets offers many opportunities.


Nicknamed the ‘Sunniest Capital City in Canada’, Regina, in the western province of Saskatchewan, is an important economic hub and a highly desired location for both business and Canadians looking for a sunnier place to live. Real estate here is known for being very affordable, and as the country rebounds, it is certain there will be plenty of profits to be had, especially for those investing in shopping malls, and those who benefit greatly from the big tourist influx.


Victoria felt much less of the effects of the global economic crises than other cities in BC, and has always been considered to be more stable. This commercial property market has continued to see a great upward trend since the second half of 2009, with retailers exceeding expectations, which has led many local businesses to launch plans for expansion including a number of car dealers announcing multimillion dollar construction projects.

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