Tuesday, April 7, 2009

"Hey Alberta, we are moving in!" by Richard Crenian

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April 7, 2009

“Hey Alberta, Ontario is Moving In!” by Richard Crenian

Hey guys, move over cuz we are moving in! Ok so we know your oil is at $50 bucks, that’s ok.

Did you hear what is happening to us here? We are going to get our PST taxed on everything including our puppies. Yep you heard right. Our services, even our used houses if I buy yours will be subject to PST.

To you Albertans who don’t know what PST is because you don’t have one, it is the Provincial Sales Tax. So when you pay your GST at 5%, just add 8 per cent more for the PST and now viola, you are paying 13 per cent for everything now in Ontario! (That is what the 2009 Ontario budget is suggesting.)

So get ready for us Alberta, cuz your poor cousin from out East is going to start a calling!!

What does that mean for you?? We are going to buy your houses, cars, buy groceries and eat in your restaurants; in fact, we will be adding money to your economy.

Oh if I were 17 again I would learn to sing and dance, act and goof around. Myley Cirrus is worth One Billion Dollars to Disney! Me? Disney knows my credit card and I am worth what my limit is when I visit Disney World………..

Howard? He’s worth a lot to his wife. Who else takes the garbage out, cleans the dishes and cooks? He has the time……(Howard we are just having fun with you!!)

His cash flow investments are working for him. Howard we miss you! When are you coming home? That golfing in Tucson is tiring you out!! Call Howard and bug him, will you? (Ask him if he can sing or dance!) Maybe he will give you an investment tip or two! 4036304544.

Richard Crenian

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