Monday, December 8, 2008

"Yah, Right......"

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December 8, 2008

“Yah, Right…..”

I was jogging on a treadmill this weekend and watched TV while I was doing so.
Fox news was having one of their money specialists come on and talk.
The topic and heading was, “What stocks to put your money in to retire with!” I thought to myself this should be good for a laugh.
Why, if you were retiring in 2008 and wanted to withdraw from your account you know that you would be taking a huge hit on your withdrawals.
So because of the market you would have to wait for your retirement.
So what gives?
How can these guys go back on TV and look you in the eye and say invest in the stock market.
I have a blog on going to Las Vegas; I think if you played blackjack you would get better odds. I don’t know where these guys are at, but the stock market is a gamble, and if you know that and you invest your retirement funds there then God bless you. (There are guys with Florida swamp land for sale wanting to sell us some!)
Amid all the market mess and meltdown, the sales guys, promoters and the like are still pushing the stock market as a safe and stable long term investment.
Folks I don’t have the heart for you but if you are braver and riskier that I am go for it.
Do what Howard does; he invests in cash flow real estate commercial products that will produce a yearly income, managed by good professionals and with equity growth and appreciation in the future.
Now what’s wrong with that?

Richard Crenian

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